Android Application Development Company In Canada

Android Application Development Company In Canada

In the present generation of smartphones, Android is one of the most used platform the world over, comprising of billions of devices.

You might get other feature-rich operating platforms like Windows or iOS, but you won’t get the smoothness and openness that Android can offer you.

Apart from that, Android is famous for its huge audience and the millions of applications on offer; so you will have the opportunity to reach out to the widest customer base on a single platform. And this is where Visual Connections Canada comes in.

We have got the most proficient and fine-tuned Android development services for our clients. Our experienced and professional developers can take advantage of Android’s Linux based operating system, along with extended java library that will allow us in making modifications.


Why Visual Connections Canada?

  • We have Android Development teams based in Bangalore and Toronto that can offer you original and captivating applications in different sectors like business, travel, real estate, hospitality, entertainment and navigation purposes.
  • Our Android application developers make use of languages like Java, Eclipse and Android SDK which are great for crafting wonderful applications customized for every business. We can also create different applications in News, pharmaceutical and medical sectors. We have developed separate web pages that are dedicated to web applications.
  • We create Android applications starting from Android 2.1 gingerbread to Android 6.1 marshmallows. With such a vast range of apps, you will have the opportunity to explore the Android world in a better way.
  • Visual Connections Canada has also ventured into the mobile gaming segment, and our designers and developers can turn any simple gaming concept into full-blown addictive games. Witness the game revolution in the coming years.

So what does our Android development process include?

The Android development process includes the following:

  • Understanding the concept of our clients and developing a mockup.
  • Designing early graphics, icons
  • Designing the background
  • Changing or upgrading the graphics according to game/app requirement
  • Making the app/game comprehensive and attractive
  • Testing, debugging, bug fixing for an app and support
  • Finalize the development and then submitting to the Google Play store

If you are looking to hire mobile app developers on a temporary basis, Visual Connections Canada can offer you the most talented android developers to work on your projects.

We offer you flexible hiring models which allow you in selecting the one that meets your budget without compromising on quality. With the smart Android apps for your business, you can get extensive data collaboration within your hands which you can then leverage to streamline tasks for optimum results.

We make sure that the Android applications are easy to use while being visually compelling for your customers. An Android app will make your business or services a lot easier and can also help you connect with your customers easily.

What are the advantages of Visual Connections Canada?

  • We are a one stop shop for intuitive Android app and game development
  • We offer you competitive pricing which will be cost effective for you
  • On time delivery of application with hassle-free communication
  • Active support even after the complete project delivery
  • Absolute security with source code and non-disclosure agreement

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