iOS Application Development in Canada

iOS Application Development in Canada

Speaking of innovation and technology, you just cannot miss out on what the iOS platform can offer.

This might not be the best of all the mobile platforms available in the market, but nevertheless it is a class apart from the rest. This is what makes Visual Connections iOS Development a unique one.

With our team’s deep technical expertise and the strategic insights earned with experience, we create compelling applications with beautiful designs.

We make sure that our clients not only get the best iOS app development support, but they also get absolutely state-of-the-art applications that showcase ingenuity. Whether it is designing an application from the ground up, to upgrading an existing application, to consulting on strategy and monetizing, we have got it all for you

The Importance of iOS App in Your Business

iOS is first choice for a lot of customers when it comes to mobile application development. And after the release of iPhone 7 with iOS 10, you will need the best iOS developers at hand to make use of the best technologies and tools that are offered.

We havea team of industry leading experts who create applications, offer services& solutions through cutting edge technology to help your business succeed. We understand that your business needs to remain competitive while offering several value additions to your customers.

In this rapidly evolving technological world, we take pride in being the mobile app development partner to our clients and helping them realize their digital dreams. We have years of experience in developing applications for iOS while utilizing the environments like X Code, Java, Phone-Gap, Cordova, Java script and PHP.


  • Our Services

We believe in delivering robust, quality iOS applications with industry-standard tools, technologies and support. So what are our services for your iOS app development? Here they are:

Our first step comes with brainstorming where we pick the best strategy going forward for your project;and then comes the stage for prototyping. You would obviously want to know how the app works even before it is fully developed.

When you are completely satisfied with the product, we start with coding and development. We can offer all sorts of app development, starting from iPhone/iPad game development, educational applications, finance and e-commerce mobile application, to the iPod and iPad music app development.

The apps that we develop are done through the utilization of cross platform tools, HTML 5, CSS and Java-script.

  • The add-ons you get with Visual Connections

With our skilled UI and UX developers, you will just fall in love with the iOS applications that we create. We make use of advanced app designing tools like Invision, Illustrator, and Photoshop for crafting visually engaging UI and UX designs.

This will compel the users to have the best experience using the app by making it clutter-free. We focus on bringing our team’s global app development experience to create stunningly beautiful and functionally proficient app.

The best part of Visual Connections Canada is that we offer error-free testing. We know how much damage any small error can cause to your business. Our certified testing professionals make use of different methods like performance testing, memory leakage, and usability testing to make your app completely bug-free.

Once your app is developed with all the inclusive features, we offer on-time delivery. We will then submit the app to the Appstore to help it reach a wide audience.

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