Joomla Development in Canada

Joomla Development in Canada

Joomla development is one of the most important aspects of any online platform. Starting from a website development to a huge online business,you will need a reliable Joomla development company for your support.

At Visual Connections Canada, we have a team of extremely qualified developers who will offer you with the best Joomla development services, CMS development& maintenance, component development and theme customization.

With our state of the art CMS tools, you will have the opportunity of connecting with a global customer base in a more personalized manner through a perfect business approach.

We offer a lot of services within the Joomla development category. With our custom module development, we can offer your website with a competitive edge;and this will get the users hooked in.

We also offer Joomla template development which will get you a custom template for your Joomla website with our expertise. A top notch user experience is our primary motive. Components development is another important aspect of our services. A theme is an identity of your website.

You can trust us with the best Joomla theme customization’s. Now comes the Joomla application development part. If you are looking for support in app development, we have got our experienced professionals ready for Joomla app development.

You can get robust and visually appealing Joomla app development for taking your business a long way.

Apart from the above services we offer Joomla portal development service. This is for the development of news, entertainment and many other portals for the enhanced user agreement. Not only do we offer you with the best services, you will also need a dedicated maintenance service.

This is what Visual Connections Canada’s expertise lies in. We offer an unmatched Joomla maintenance service for all our clients. We make use of the Joomla CMS which can be easily used for managing each and every aspect of the website, starting from adding the content, uploading images, formatting product catalog or making online reservations.


What are our advantages?

With Visual Connections Canada at hand, you will be provided with the services of Joomla experts; all the rights of the source code will be reserved, and you will have a faster time to market along with a complete control over the project and usage of the latest technologies.

Now that you are accustomed with the Visual Connections Canada’s services, you need to know why Joomla is so important.

You will have a simplified user experience – just a three click process for adding new menu items, an easy to edit menu item without removal, enhanced user interface, thumbnail and detail views and finally improved error handling.

At Visual Connections, we will offer you with community and social networking portals, navigation framework designs, corporate website development, installation of different components, Joomla extension development, Joomla extension integration and other additional services that can be used for typical Joomla projects.

If you are looking for a dedicated Joomla development team, you can always count on Visual Connections Canada.

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